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Holistic Practice Management offers an amazing, high quality, inexpensive VoIP phone service.

We can supply your office (and home) with a top notch Unified Communications system that will allow you to present a professional front to your practice, answer and make practice calls from your home or cell phone, and never miss a patient/client call.

This service is separate from our top-notch reception services, but is completely inter-operable should you need to use our reception services at any time.

We offer the following:
  • Provisioning of local and toll free numbers. The first is included, each additional number adds a small monthly charge.
  • Porting your current number away from your current provider (and get rid of your current phone bill!)
  • Providing you with VoIP phones and Adapters for your office, home, and staff.
  • Creating top-notch recordings and menus for your callers.
  • Creating options for callers to hear pre-recorded messages about your Hours, Locations, Directions, or other Frequently Asked Questions.
  • Setting up voice mail boxes for general calls, confidential patient calls, and any other category of call.
  • Setting up schedules and different greetings based on the schedule.
  • Allowing callers the option to forward their call to different extension, or even your cell phone!

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