Your office needs an affordable Professional Receptionist!

Holistic Practice Management will handle your calls and emails for you and work with existing staff to improve patient experience, patient retention, and your peace of mind.

Designed by a healthcare practitioner FOR YOU, a healthcare practitioner!

Holistic Practice Management is here to alleviate your burden.

With our INCREDIBLE team of receptionists and a process tailor-made for holistic practices, we provide you with the solutions you need to lighten your daily work load, helping you stay productive!

USA Receptionists
Our receptionists have been selected based on their personal touch, reliability and professionalism.
eMail / Calendar Management
Our relaible receptionists can handle patient emails and appointment scheduling.
USA Receptionists
We can supply your office )and home) with a top notch Unified Communications System

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No Lengthy Contract!

There is no lengthy contract, and if you are not happy after the first month, let us

know. So call or email today to find out if working with Holistic Practice

Management will be right for your practice!

Dr. Ruth Galbraith

Using HPM for nearly 6 years!

I have been using Holistic Practice Management for nearly 6 years and I don’t know what I’d do without them! Debbie has been my virtual receptionist the entire time, and the continuity of always having her there, even while in-office personnel have changed, is so helpful. She is incredibly professional, knows and understands my business, learns quickly if I need to make changes, and most importantly my patients love her! This is not your average answering service. Debbie feels like part of the team, even though I’ve never met her in person. I love that I can use the service for only the hours I need it, and I can change that weekly, if needed. Over the years, that has been extremely handy!
Maegan N. Hodge, L.Ac.

I’ve been a happy customer!

I’ve been working with HPM for the most part of six years. Every new person you introduce to the flow of your business requires training, but HPM has truly made themselves indispensable to my growing practice over the years. I’ve looked into other answering services, mostly out of curiosity, and what others offer doesn’t come close to the experience you get with HPM. We’ve had a few technical difficulties over the years, and they have always made resolving the few issues that have come up a top priority. I’ve been a happy customer!
Danielle N. Lewis, ND

HPM team are all professional!

I’ve used Holistic Practice Management for almost 3 years now. Having a virtual assistant has been vital to my practice. I have a small practice so utilizing a virtual assistant has allowed me to keep my overhead manageable while making sure my phones are always answered. Having a polite and professional person answer your phones is vital to your practice!! The HPM team are all professional and keep up with changing trends when it comes to using a virtual assistant. The initial setup was well organized and painless. It’s very easy to update the process with my VA’s as my practice changes and grows. I highly recommend them.

Trina Seligman, N.D., L.Ac

Cheerful and have great phone skills!

I have a busy full-time practice of naturopathic medicine and acupuncture. I hired Holistic Practice Management to manage my phones and scheduling. There are some complicated features of my practice as appointment times are different for acupuncture, naturopathic care and allergy medicine. The team that has managed my phones has been Excellent! They have a base level understanding of natural medicine and have made it their job to understand the specific differences that apply to my business. They are cheerful and have great phone skills. I have had great feedback from my patients. Thank you HPM!
Payal Bhandari M.D.

Successfully manages all my virtual tasks!

My private practice would not be successful without the unrelenting support of Holistic Practice Management. My virtual team successfully manages all my virtual tasks such as appointment bookings & reminders, EMR tasks, patient calls, calendar updates, and website marketing tasks. HPM’s remote receptionist services have given my patients a quality front desk experience at a fraction of the cost of an on-site employee.

As my practice has become increasingly successful, I opened an integrative medical center over 3 years after incorporating HPM into my workflow. My center now has 8 practitioners which HPM promotes to potential callers and management of our digital thermography imaging service. Due to the cost-effectiveness and work flow efficiency by HPM, I have only needed to hire a part-time office manager to greet patients, support the practitioners, and manage in-house center tasks.

HPM is the best cheerleaders for promoting one’s practice. They care a great deal about keeping their clients and their patients’ happy and helping everyone succeed. HPM is the new wave of managing healthcare practices.

Dr. Ashley Olberg

Extremely accommodating and professional

Since opening my own clinic almost a year ago Holistic Practice Management has been an integral part of my business. From day one their staff has been nothing short of amazing. They walked me though the whole process and made sure we were all on the same page. HPM paired me up with an administrative team that is a perfect fit. They are extremely accommodating and professional, I get positive feedback from my patients all the time. Every task I have assigned them has been completed quickly and efficiently.

Aside from their excellent service I feel like I have established a personal relationship with both of them. I appreciate and respect them and know they have my best interest in mind. They support me through the daily challenges of running my own business. I honestly don’t know what I would do without them.

Nikki Yarnell

They adjust with my changing needs

HPM swooped in to keep my every-growing business afloat at a very critical juncture. They adjust with my changing needs and are always extremely professional and friendly. They do all the things I don’t want to do so I can focus on what I love and helping my business expand even more


Holistic Practice Management offers the most professional and cost-effective reception services available.

Answering client calls, scheduling, answering emails can be added burden on your part. Delegate these tasks to a reliable virtual assistant.

What makes HPM special? Why should I sign up?
HPM is not a call center. We are a team of reception professionals who act in every way as your personal staff. We answer your phones, answer patient questions, book appointments, and do other tasks based on your personal preferences and requests.
Who started HPM and why?
HPM was created in 2007 by Sam Schikowitz, a Naturopathic Physician and Acupuncturist, to meet the needs of his tiny office and those of his colleagues and friends. Since then we have grown to over 30 staff, including Shantell Willis our Operations Officer and Patty Piccarreto, our Financial Officer.
What exactly am I signing up for?
You are getting a phone number and two dedicated staff who answer your phones 8hrs per day 5 days per week. These staff members will understand your practice based on the manual and training we do together, and will act as your personal staff. Your patients will be surprised when our team are not there to greet them at the door.
How much will it cost? Are there any hidden fees?
The monthly cost is $69.00 per month for the phone system and the readiness of the staff. After that, the staff charges $1.66 per minute for the time they are actually working on your practice. This usually comes out to $120 per month if you see 5 patients per week or as much as $2000 per month if you have a busy full time practice. $2000 per month which is considerably less than full time staff, and you don’t have to manage the usual hiring, training, scheduling, managing, and other work and costs associated with staff.
Are there any long term contracts?
There is no long term contract or early termination fee.
What’s included in my fees?
Your fees include a local or toll free number (we can port in your number and eliminate your existing phone bill), a full featured enterprise phone system, and staff ready to answer your calls based on the manual we create together.
What is the setup process?
Once you fill out the General Services Contract and Reception Services Form you will receive an email from Patty. She will ask you to call her with your billing information. After that is complete we will build your manual which will be submitted back to you for editing. When you let us know you are finished with the manual we will have your team reach out for training. During this time your system setup will be completed and you will be ready to Go Live. Our usual turn-around time is about 2 weeks
Is every call answered every time?
No, your staff will not necessarily answer every call. That would require a call center which would mean you get no personalized care. Instead, we call all missed calls back immediately after we finish the current patient’s call.
What do you integrate with? Will you work with my existing EMR or scheduling system?
We can work with any system we can log into.
Are the receptionists trained in HIPAA compliance?
We are HIPAA compliant. Our email system is properly secured and our staff are trained in HIPAA compliance.
Once I start, how will I reach my team? Are the teams’ emails HIPAA compliant?
We use HIPAA compliant Google Apps for Business with the HIPAA Associates Agreement.
Are you also able to provide fax numbers?
We do provide an electronic fax system for a low additional monthly fee.
Do you have After Hours services? What happens to my calls After Hours?
We currently do not offer after hours services. If our clients express enough interest, we will add it on.


Fill out our forms so we can get an understanding of how your practice works. We create an online manual and schedule a training session with your new team of personal receptionists. Unlike other services, you will only have 2 receptionists, one in the morning and one in the evening. These hand picked and well trained professional receptionists will get to know you, your practice, and even your patients by name, and deliver the kind of service you would hope for from in-house staff. You forward your phone to our system and you can even let us handle your practice phone number, reducing your costs. And with our high-tech phone system, we can make sure calls are directed wherever you would like them to be, either to our reception team, a phone in your office, or even the practitioner’s cell when needed. AND, with our system, you can make calls from your cellphone or computer, and patients will see your office number in the caller ID, NOT your cell number!

If you have in-house staff, we can reduce costs and improve patient experience by reducing the task load of your staff, allowing them to handle office management and patient flow tasks more efficiently. When they are out of the office, you will rest assured that your calls are being answered and every new patient who calls will have a good first impression. Our clients have stayed with us for years, through practice changes, office moves, maternity leaves, and more, as a testament to our quality and personal service.

There is no lengthy contract, and if you are not happy after the first month, let us know. So call or email today to find out if working with Holistic Practice Management will be right for your practice!